The territory of the Castelli Romani offers a great variety of different towns and landscapes , Ancient palaces, villas and churches of valuable historical and artistic interest were built for Roman noble families , it is located within the Colli Albani Regional Park that surrounds the volcanic lakes.
The territory offers many local products such as DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines, oils , traditional and local cusine, Porchetta, mixed meats , cheeses and cookies

Famous for its porchetta, pork that is slowly roasted with herbs and wild fennel, and for its many fraschette, local restaurants where you can taste wines and typical products such as the Italian spit-roasted pork.
The main monuments ar:
The Palazzo Chigi , built by Prince Augusto Chigi in 1740 ,esigned by Bernini and used as backdrop to film scenes from the Italian movie Il Gattopardo,
The Church of the Assunta, by Bernini, whose circular dome was inspired by his restoration of the Pantheon. In the interior the apse is a notable fresco by Borgognone.

The town’s name derives from the Latin nemus, or “holy wood”. In antiquity the area had no town, but the grove was the site of one of the most famous of Roman cults and temples: the Temple of Diana Nemorensis
Nemi is famous for its wild strawberries, which are smaller and sweeter than commercially grown varieties. Nemi’s strawberries are grown on the sides of the volcanic crater, which creates a microclimate that retains the warmth of the sun and provides a wind shield. Nemi conducts an annual festival of strawberries

Overlooks Rome from Monte Tuscolo and preserves patrician villas and the ruins of the ancient pre Roman city of Tuscolum., and famous for its notable villas, which were built from the 16th century onwards by Popes, cardinals and Roman nobles as “status symbols” of Roman aristocracy.

You can visit the S. Nilo abbey and its invaluable collection of ancient texts. The abbey, founded in 1004 A.D. by Saint Nilus the Younger ,is one of the oldest in the world , . The founding legend narrates that, at the spot where the abbey now stands, the Virgin Mary appeared and bade him found a church in her honour.